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Escaped Inmate Is Recaptured After 32 Years on the Run (Must Be Hide and Seek MVP)


Arkansas Department of Corrections

Steven Dishman, 60, was arrested Sunday at his home in Arkansas after escaping from prison and 32 years ago. Originally sentenced to seven-years in December 1984 for theft of property and burglary, Dishman has been on the run since escaping the Cummins Unit in Arkansas in May 1985.

What Happened?

Details of what led authorities to Dishman and his arrest were not released.

He was originally arrested for theft of property and burglary, according to Solomon Graves, the Arkansas Department of Corrections Public Information Officer. The correction department said he was serving a seven-year sentence in the Cummins Unite in Washington County when he escaped. As Dishman was originally arrested in December 1984, he would have been eligible for parole in 1987.

Graves explained that Dishman will be required to complete his original sentence.

In addition to Dishman, the Arkansas Democrat Gazette noted that another Arkansas inmate was also apprehended on Sunday. Joel Lane, 39, was captured after a foot chase in the Pine Bluff area.

Lane escaped Saturday from a work release program in Pine Bluff while serving a sentence for simultaneous possession of drugs and a firearm and possession of a firearm by a certain person.

Steven Dishman

Steven Dishman, 60, was an inmate of the Cummings Unit in Arkansas who was originally sentenced to seven years in prison for theft of property and burglary in December 1984. However, Dishman escaped custody in May 1985 and has been on the run for the last 32 years. On Sunday, authorities tracked him down and arrested him at his home in Arkansas. He will be required to complete his original sentence.

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