French Fitness Model Killed After Whipped Cream Canister Hits Her In The Chest, Causing A Heartattack

Rebecca Burger, a French fitness model with over 164,000 followers on Instagram, was killed in her home by an exploding whipped cream dispenser which hit her in the chest, causing a heart attack.
Rebecca Burger’s family announced her death on her Instagram page, saying ‘it is with great sadness we announce the death of Rebecca, who died June 18, 2017, in an accident in the home.’

Furthermore, the family shared a photograph of the dispenser that killed Burger, explained how it exploded and hit the model’s thorax.

via Fox 59:

The BBC, citing French media, reported that Burger died after the whipped cream dispenser exploded and hit her in the chest, causing her to go into cardiac arrest over the weekend. Family members called it a “domestic incident.” Burger was taken to an area hospital and later died.
Her family had a warning for readers in an Instagram post about the whipped cream canisters. The Instagram post feared that thousands of the canisters could still be in circulation, putting people at risk of injury. 60 Million Consumers, a French consumer magazine, said faulty connectors on the gas capsules could break, launching a potentially dangerous projectile.
The magazine cited several injuries from the issue, including broken teeth, multiple fractures and, in one case, the loss of a person’s eye. The magazine wrote that canisters made since 2015 appear to be safe.

According to the BBC, one person who was previously struck in the ribs by the same canister and claimed on local radio that doctors told them they’d be dead if it had hit their heart.
RIP Rebecca.

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