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Off-Duty Cop Dressed Up As Batman Busts A Guy Stealing ‘The Lego Batman Movie’


screenshot via Fox News

A Dallas man who was shoplifting DVDs, including The Lego Batman Movie, was arrested by none other than Batman himself.

Fort Worth Police Officer Damon Cole, who regularly dresses up as superheroes for good causes, was dressed up as Batman at kids safety fair at a Dallas Walmart when he was alerted to a man suspect of shoplifting DVDs.

Anthony Drake, a Walmart community involvement member who was at the scene, said that Cole approached the suspect and said ‘I want you to know I have this Batman costume on but I’m an off-duty police officer.’

However, according to Fox 4, as the total of the stolen DVDs amounted to less than $100, the suspect was merely given a citation.

While the unidentified suspect did not wish to discuss his arrest, he did make sure he got a selfie before he left, saying it’s ‘not every day you get arrested by Batman.’

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