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Wyoming Valedictorian Has Mic Cut As He Criticizes Administration During Graduation Speech


Peter Butera, the valedictorian and class president of Wyoming Area’s Class of 2017, had his graduation speech cut short during the school’s ceremony as he began to criticize school administrators.

Butera, who’s headed to Villanova University in the fall, had just started to criticize the districts ‘overly authoritative’ administration when the plug on his microphone was pulled. Butera was then approached by Principal Dr. Jon Pollard, who ushered him off the stage.

Students and parents alike can be heard screaming for Butera to be allowed to finish his speech.

Janet Serino, Wyoming Area Superintendent, told Citizens’ Voice that graduation speeches are screened ahead of time and that Butera altered his mid-speech.

via Citizens’ Voice:

Serino said student input is important and she immediately scheduled a meeting with Butera to listen to his concerns on how things could be improved at Wyoming Area.

The West Pittston teenager who plans to study business administration in college wonders if he would have been cut off if he ad-libbed while offering gushing remarks about school officials.

Right before the sound was cut during Butera’s speech, he noted that those involved in student government — from class president to student council — really have no influence in how the school operates and that will hold graduates back in the real world.

However, Butera doesn’t seem to mind, as he said the administration’s actions got his point across just fine:

“I don’t think it could have gone any better,” Butera said. “I got my point across and them cutting the microphone proved my point to be true

Butera, who shared his entire speech on his Facebook page, plans to study business administration when he arrives at Villanova.

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