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University Of Maryland Valedictorian Drops Out Two Weeks Before Graduation To ‘Become A CEO’


via Facebook

Gio Managadze, a 20-year-old University of Maryland fraternity brother, claims he would have been valedictorian of his graduation class if he hadn’t dropped out of school two weeks before graduation.

In a LinkedIn post, Gio Managadze shared a letter that he sent his parents after he allegedly failed his classes on purpose so he would not be awarded the degree in computer science he has been working towards during school.

Managadze said having a college degree would keep him from achieving his dream of becoming a ‘self-made entrepreneur’ because he could always ‘fall back on his job training.’

via LinkedIn:

This semester I have finally understood that my true passion and dream is to become a self made entrepreneur. A CEO. That means I want to start my own company. From scratch. Without a degree. Without getting a job anywhere. And become a self made entrepreneur. Why am I getting a degree if my dream is to not have a degree? I don’t want a degree. I don’t want any job that requires a degree, ever.

To me, a degree and any job that requires a degree, is an escape plan from my dreams. I don’t need escape plans from my dreams. I don’t need a back up plan in my life. I don’t need a safety net. I don’t ever want to work with anybody who thinks having a degree is more important than being fearless.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t waste any money, I fully completed my computer science major and technology entrepreneurship minor. I got a computer science education and became a Valedictorian. I only dropped out of school two weeks before graduation. All I didn’t get was a piece of paper.

If you ask me, kid comes off cocky as hell, which I guess is something you need when you want to be a CEO, but he comes off as the wrong type of cocky. He thinks he’s writing some sort of profound musing about the nature of life and leadership, but really, he just comes across as a smug 20-year-old with zero concept of what the real world is like.

I will give him this though — this move is a master class in the art of virality. His name is going to be circulating in the news all over the world for the next week.

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