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East London Mosque Bomb Threat: Full Story & Must-See Details



East London Mosque has been evacuated amid reports of a suspect package and bomb threat. Social media is being flooded with photos of Muslim community members outside the mosque on Whitechapel road today.

What Happened?

The mosque said its buildings were evacuated and police were called after the religious center received a threatening phone call.

The East London Mosque tweeted: “The Mosque received a telephone threat a short while ago. Buildings were evacuated and sweeps carried out by Police and Mosque staff.

“While we understand this incident to be a hoax, we still urge vigilance in our community.”

The bomb scare comes after a terror attack on Finsbury Park Mosque, in Seven Sisters Road, north London, on Sunday night. The attack left one dead and 10 injured.

Sunday night’s attack saw a van ram into a crowd of worshippers leaving a mosque in what is being considered a deliberate attack on Muslims.¬†Prime Minister Theresa May today condemned the incident as “every bit as sickening” as other recent terrorist attacks.

East London Mosque

The East London Mosque, situated in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets between Whitechapel and Aldgate, serves Great Britain’s largest Muslim community. The mosque opened in 1985 and, combined with the adjoining London Muslim Centre and Maryam Centre, ¬†has a capacity of 7,000 which makes it one of the largest mosques in Europe.

The organization Muslims in Britain classify the East London Mosque as Maudoodi.

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