Father’s Day 2017: Memes, Best Jokes, Funny Photos & Images


Father’s Day is finally upon us. It’s time to remember all the good things that your dad did for you, while trying to forget whatever bad thing that he did in the past or not. Some people’s relationships with their father is pretty contentious. But it’s good thing I have a great dad that has helped me out so many times throughout my life.

Make your pappy proud with the dankest memes for dad.That’s right, I’ve scrounged through the net on the search for the fountain of memes. What I’ve found might shock you or leave you rolling on your arse. Or maybe you’re a cynical motherf**ker who refuses to laugh. Well, Samuel L. Jackson is waiting in the gallery to cap yo’ ass.

And of course, this is all in good fun. Mr. Jackson is just a picture on your computer screen. Don’t be alarmed, but still try to refrain from saying the word “what” again. Well, let me retort…

Happy Father’s Day for all the pep pep’s out there. I know the Tim and Eric Lifestyle Facebook fan-page is going to have a field day with dad memes. Yup, that’s a shout-out to a real social media group about a cancelled TV show. I know what’s up, folks. I’m hip. I’m with it. Just ask anyone’s pepper.

I’ll dedicate this penultimate paragraph to my dad: David James Dunlop, Sr. Because of you, I’m apart of this crazy f**king world, writing articles about memes and doing all types of cooky things. Oh, the joy that you bring.

And to the readers who stare agape at that glowing hypnotic screen, find your father in any place and tell him how you feel. It could be good or bad or downright sad. It’s better to show what you mean than perpetuate a domestic scheme with false faces and words. It’s time for your dad to be heard. So, let loose the draw-bridge of communication for one special day about daddy.

COED Writer
COED Writer
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