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People Are Getting High On Weird Drugs & Turning Into Zombies Again


Remember last summer (or was that two summers ago? the years all blend together these days) when everyone in Florida was getting high on bath salts and turning into zombies. About, I don’t know, 10 to 15 percent of me thought that some zombie shit was actually happening. It was playing out exactly  how it happens in zombie movies: couple of homeless people fuck around with some experimental drugs, scare the hell out of some cops, and go viral in a video that starts out pretty hilarious.

But then another video pops up, and another, and another, and suddenly it isn’t very funny anymore and we have a full blown Dawn Of The Dead situation on our hands. So did I actually believe zombies were about to bust out on America? Not really. But it wouldn’t have shocked me if bath salts were what caused a zombie apocalypse, either.

Now, a year (or two?) later, it seems as though the zombies are back, but this time, it’s due to some equally shady drug called ‘Serenity’.

via WKYT:

Police told WKYT they were called out to a gas station near West New Circle Road and Russell Cave Road around 6 p.m. Officers said they found four people in that area overdosing on the synthetic drug.

Police said one man had a bad reaction to the drug and put his head through the window of a business, breaking the glass. Officers told WKYT that man also tried to bite an officer. The man had to be tasered twice, according to police, before he was taken into custody.

“Sometimes force has to be used to take them into custody, if they are combating against us. You know, we try to make that the last line of activity for that situation but sometimes force will have to be used,” Lexington Police Sergeant Jervis Middleton said.

Look, I’m not saying he’s a zombie, but my dude was getting tased, put his head through a glass window, and was STILL trying to get back up. That’s some zombie-ing 101.

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