A Wendy's Restaurant In Texas Is Going To War With A Neighboring Tea Company









No one knows beef like Wendy’s. And oh, I’m not talkin’ hamburgers here. If you’ve been following Wendy’s on Twitter, they’ll fire back sick insults at McDonalds, Burger King. To the trolls who dare challenge Wendy’s, you seriously don’t have a chance. Wednesday’s burned a guy so badly that he decided to delete his social media account.
Wendy’s even trolled Carl Jr & Hardee’s so badly that they got blocked.
But now, a Wendy’s in Texas is engaged in a sign war with a neighboring store by the name of Pure Water Tea and Ice Company. And that tea company is even going as far as to insult gingers. They say the redhead mascot has no soul. Meh, it’s been done before.


In all fairness, I’m certain cartoon mascots have no souls regardless.
This whole beef was allegedly provoked by the tea company a few weeks ago, when they fired some insults in the way of the red-haired fast food franchise. The two corporations are still locking horns. Here’s the whole story via KBCD:

“Kyler says he’s been trying to provoke his food-chain neighbor with clever signs for a while now, and Wendy’s finally took the bait when Pure Water went for the big dogs. “We had Kliff Kingsbury drinks for free out on the sign.”
“The owner he’s like say, Santos man, they’re standing out. You’re clever, you’re witty, I know you can come up with something,” said Santos Perez, General Manager of the Wendy’s.
“They kept telling us corporate wouldn’t let them do anything, so I guess corporate is firing back,” said Smith.
“So, I went ahead & just replied ‘Hey Kliff, hungry and thirsty? We got you.’ and they didn’t like it,” said Perez.
And the sign war was born.
“So we were like, you want beef, Wendy’s? You got it,” said Smith.
“I didn’t expect them to react the way they did, and then when they did I was like, you know what? It’s on,” said Perez.
Each sign, carefully crafted.
“Group meeting, we’ll come up with something,” said Smith.”
No words exchanged, only letters.
“We haven’t talked at all, just through the signs,” said Perez.

Just like you’d expect, the internet is having a field day with this beef. It’s Biggie vs. Tupac, or NWA vs. Ice Cube, only much, much more gangsta. A #4thStreetSignWar is currently being waged in Lubbock, Texas.


That one’s open for debate, Gayle.

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