Super Mario Odyssey: Release Date, Trailer & Gameplay Details

Nintendo first showcased their newest addition to the Super Mario series, Super Mario Odyssey, in October of 2016. During E3, the Japanese company also told us we’ll be able to play it on October 27th, 2017.
The game follows a similar formula as Super Mario 64, with an open-world atmosphere, lots of secrets and unlockables and plenty of exploring to do after Mario leaves the Mushroom Kingdom to explore the urban jungle of skyscrapers.

When is Super Mario Odyssey coming out?

During the E3 Press Conference, Nintendo finally told us that the game is coming out on October 27, 2017. They also showed us a new trailer that showed a lot of cool new features to the game, like Mario throwing his hat onto enemies to change his positioning, and a new Amiibo to be released alongside the main game.

E3 Trailer & Gamplay

Nintendo featured lots of gameplay footage of Super Mario Odyssey during their Nintendo Treehouse session of E3.

That about does it! Now let’s take a look at what we knew about Super Mario Odyssey before E3.

Pre-E3 Information

We first learned about the game back in October 2016. The world wanted a new Mario title and, along with a preview of the Nintendo Switch before its release, sneak peeks of a new unnamed Mario title had fans itching to learn more.

In January of this year, we then saw the reveal trailer for the title that shed some light into some gameplay mechanics, along with Nintendo giving the game a name.

We also learned that the developers wanted to focus on an open-world setting. Here’s the gameplay trailer from January:

You can preorder Super Mario Odyssey here.

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