Donald Trump Birthday Memes: Funny Tweets, Best Photos & Jokes

Today marks President Donald Trump‘s birthday. Due to the events that occurred today it seems best to lighten the mood and unveil some gifts the internet has offered up to the POTUS. Here are the funniest tweets, photos and jokes.

New Cabinet Member Sen. Kermit!

At least this is more subtle than the John Miller phone calls. I look forward to hearing what the newest cabinet member has to say.
This caption is pretty harsh, but we included it solely for our love of the newest cabinet member, from the iridescent greenish hue of his skin, to the embracing orange embers of his eyes. The eyes of a leader.

Remarkable policy maker and advocate for the betterment of the planet! Is there anything this guy can’t do!?

Check out the facial expression. This frog means business.

Looks like Sen. Kermit has the chipotle runs. Don’t worry man, I’ve been there too dude.

Simple. Happy frog= A Hoppy Covfefe.

A Celebration You Would Not Have Expected

Looks like Trump’s biggest supporters aren’t even on our own soil. This group in India celebrates Donald Trump’s birthday in a hilariously extravagant fashion. I wonder what they’re up to today?

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