Steve Kerr Net Worth 2023: How Much Is Kerr Worth Now?

Steve Kerr is no stranger to success on the NBA level. Whether it was as a player in the league for teams like the Chicago Bulls and San Antonio Spurs, or as a coach for the Golden State Warriors, the man knows a thing or two about championships. He’s won seven titles and although he’s recently had some troubling medical history, he’s been on record saying this won’t stop him and plans to coach for many years to come.

Steve Kerr Net Worth as of 2019: $18 Million

With this amount of success, you would think that he’s done well for himself financially, and you’d be right. He was never confused with a star got huge contracts or endorsement deals, but with his knack for consistency in one of the most competitive leagues, he’s certainly earned every penny he’s gotten. Let’s take a look as to how Kerr got to this point.


Kerr was drafted in the second round to the Phoenix Suns. Kerr didn’t play much for the Suns his first season, just 26 games at 6 mins a game. Phoenix would trade him just after a year to the Cleveland Cavaliers where his playing time and games played would increase.
After just playing five games for Cleveland in the ’92-’93 season, he would get traded to the Orlando Magic where yet again he wasn’t getting many minutes.


After finishing off the season with the Magic, Kerr was finally a free agent and chose to sign with the Chicago Bulls. He would play the most games and most minutes in his young career seeing improvement in all his statistical categories. He would see the playoffs the first two seasons as a Bull, but this was during Michael Jordan’s first retirement and Chicago wouldn’t reach the Finals.
Then in the 1996 season, Jordan returned and led this team to a 72-10 record and Finals win over the Settle SuperSonics. This would start the domino effect for Kerr in terms of a ring count, and the following season, he would make an imprint for his second ring. In the 1997 Finals, the Bulls faced off against the Utah Jazz and Steve Kerr hit the game-winning jumper in Game 6. Kerr would finish off his Bulls career in the ’97-‘98 season by winning his third straight ring, yet again against the Jazz.


In the 1998 season, Kerr was on the trade block once again and would be sent to the San Antonio Spurs. There he helped the Spurs get to their first finals and achieve their first championship in franchise history.
Being traded was becoming as consistent for Kerr as winning championship as the Spurs shipped him to the Portland Trailblazers in the offseason heading into the ’01-’02 season. He would play 65 games as a Trailblazer before getting sent back to San Antonio the following season.
The ’02-’03 season would be his last and would finish it as a champion yet again, ending his playing career with 5 rings. Kerr’s career totals would be 6 ppg, 1.8 ppg and 0.5 ppg. The most impressive part of his game however is that he has the highest 3 point percentage for a career in NBA history at 45%.


After he retired, Kerr would take his talents to broadcasting as he was an analyst for TNT. After a few years of this, Kerr would get an offer to return to the NBA, but not as a player.


Kerr became the General Manager to the team he was drafted to in Phoenix. He would make some pretty big roster moves by trading Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks to the Miami Heat to get All-Star Shaquille O’Neal. He wouldn’t stop here as he also traded Raja Bell, Boris Diaw, and Sean Singletary to the Charlotte Bobcats for Jason Richardson, Jared Dudley and the Bobcat’s 2010 second round pick.
By the time 2010 rolled around, Kerr believed it was time for him to step down from the GM position in Phoenix.


Steve Kerr returned behind the camera to TNT as an analyst. He would call NBA games along with NCAA tournament games for the next couple years until he received his most recent call from the NBA. He would be heading back out West, this time to California.


In the 2014 season, Kerr would be a first time head coach for the up and coming Golden State Warriors. Kerr used what he learned from Phil Jackson, Gregg Popovich and Alvin Gentry throughout the years and led the Warriors to a 67-15 record and first title in 40 years.
The following seasons have been fruitful as well by beating his infamous Bulls season record with a 73-9 season and most recently winning his second title as a coach and seventh overall. The Warriors won the 2017 NBA Finals by only losing one game in the playoffs.


Steve Kerr isn’t no longer focused on creating history-making NBA records, rather he hopes to win at any cost this season with his Warriors team.


Warriors coach Steve Kerr is very impressed by Luka Doncic and says he is ‘already an All-Star’ to the media.

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