Kevin Durant Wins NBA Championship, Instantly Reminds Everyone How Soft He Is By Puking Up Celebration Beer

After winning his first NBA Championship, Kevin Durant has entered an uncharted no man’s land between praise and criticism.
On one hand, KD was the unanimous Finals MVP, scored over 30 points in all five games, and frankly looked unguardable. His Finals stats, even when playing against the great LeBron James, look like video game numbers:
But on the other hand, while everyone is undoubtedly impressed with Durant’s skill, no one is necessarily thrilled with his application of that skill.
Kevin Durant joining the Warriors isn’t like the Dallas Cowboys adding Deion Sanders or LeBron James and Chris Bosh joining Dwayne Wade in Miami. The Warriors were literally historic before Durant arrived, stringing together an NBA Championship with the greatest regular season of all-time. So if you’re going to make a comparison, then you need to compare them to the second greatest team of all-time: the 1996 Chicago Bulls.
Kevin Durant joining the Warriors is akin to Karl Malone joining that 96′ Bulls team — one of the best five, yet still ringless, players of a decade joining an already established powerhouse. That’s what Kevin Durant did, and anyone who tells you that isn’t a cowardice move is lying to themselves. KD took the easy way out and everyone knows it.
And with Durant taking the easy way out, his critics are quick to call him things like ‘weak’ and ‘soft’. And I can tell you what, if his beer drinking technique is any indication, then maybe those criticisms are true.
Just a soft move from a soft player:
No, like, literally soft:

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