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32 People Injured After Carbon Monoxide Leak In New York City



32 people were injured in New York City due to a ‘gas incident’. The FBI and a bomb squad were on the scene and eventually determined that the reported suspicious package was not hazardous.

According to the New York City Fire Department and Police Department, the incident, which happened in the area of West Broadway and Murray Street, was due to a defective boiler that produced high amounts of carbon monoxide.

Chief James Leonard said: “We found a defective boiler in the basement with some sort of broken pipe that was producing the CO.”

According to Leonard, all 32 injuries are minor, the pipe has been capped, and the carbon monoxide levels in the building are decreasing.

The FDNY said that at the same time they discovered the defective boiler in the basement, people in the building reported that the defect occurred when they ‘opened a box and powder came out.

In cooperation with the NYPD, the FDNY was able to locate the package and identify that it was not hazardous.

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