Lebron James Conquers All Competition In All Major Stats







The 2016-2017 NBA season definitely had a fusion of awe-inspiring moments, great upsets, rising stardom, and stellar legacies.
We all have heard about the 6’8″, 250, Cavaliers small forward Lebron James. Known as “King James,” he conquered and is still reigning in the NBA and is worshipped by fans and players all over the globe.
Even though King James still needs to win four more NBA championship rings to dethrone another royal, Michael Jordan, he acquired loads of gems and booty (in the form of money and fame), after his disappointing loss to the Golden State Warriors. In fact, King James became the first player to lead both teams in all major basketball statistics: points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks in a playoff series of any length.
If I were him, I would simply shrug off the loss to Warriors because they are the best team in the NBA currently and for the past three years. Instead, James should be ecstatic of his individual accomplishment, and he will be back with his team, breaking more records and hopefully bringing home another ring to add to his collection.

2017 Lebron James Postseason Statistics (per game):

Points: 32.8
Rebounds: 9.1
Assists: 7.8
Steals: 1.94
Blocks: 1.28

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