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This Snippet Of The LeBron James & Kevin Durant Rap Is Cringe City, USA


(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Want confirmation that LeBron really thinks he can get anyway with anything?

Let’s time travel back to 2011, before The King even won his first ring and before KD sold his soul to the devil. Apparently, those ringless tools thought, ‘Hey, maybe if this basketball thing doesn’t work out we could just become rappers instead.’

Well, an Ohio recording company named Spider Studios gave the world a brief snippet of LeBron and KD’s foray into the rap world, and needless to say, it’s absolutely atrocious.

via ESPN:

LeBron James and Kevin Durant are dominating on the court as they try to inch their respective teams closer to obtaining the Larry O’Brien trophy, but what may surprise some is that they used to be brief teammates dominating in the studio. As legend has it, stashed away somewhere is a 6-year-old, never-before released hip-hop track by James and Durant.

League sources informed ESPN that the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors superstars collaborated on the track during the lockout in 2011 while Durant, then a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder, was visiting James, who had joined the Miami Heat, for workouts in Akron, Ohio. Both players are music junkies, and in between workouts they decided to kill some time by writing their own lyrics and heading to the booth, sources told ESPN.

Spider Studios says they will release the entire song if the tweet gets 1 million likes. In the less than 24 hours after tweeting out the song, it has received just over 4,500 likes, for short of the one million goals.

Maybe it’s because no one wants to cringe their way through listening to ball players mumble their way through a rap song.

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