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NBA Finals 2017 Game 5: Score, Stats & Live Updates


The NBA Finals continue tonight with game four from Oracle Arena at 9 pm on ABC. The Warriors dominated the first two games of the series and took a commanding 3-0 lead with a close victory in game three. The Cavs were able to stay alive by shooting the lights out in game four. As the series moves back to Oakland, the Warriors will try to finish up the series on their home floor. The Cavs came back from 3-1 down last year and hope to take another step on their journey in this comeback. This is a game you do not want to miss.


Game four featured a lights-out shooting performance, officiating controversies, Draymond Green antics and plenty of other crazy moments. The Cavs were able to come away with the win and will need to play even better if they want to continue the series. Yes, the Cavs will need to do even better than %53 percent shooting and a record 24 makes from three-point range. While they may not need to make more threes and certainly do not need to take more threes, they need to continue the offensive execution that got them good shots in game four. In the 86 point first half, the Cavs were moving the ball and not relying only on isolation scoring. In the second half, as they cooled off a bit, they got some help from the bench and relied on their stars to carry them through.

Most importantly, the Cavs were able to step up defensively. They held Klay Thompson and Steph Curry to a combined 8-24 from the field. If they Cavs are going to have any luck in game five, they need to turn the Warriors into a one-star offensive team instead of a three-star offensive team (no offense Draymond, you help in other parts of the game). For the Warriors, the solution to game four’s blowout might be as simple as just hoping the Cavs miss more shots. The Warriors had more offensive rebounds than the Cavs, and they continue to neutralize Tristan Thompson. If they get a little more offense around Durant, the series could end tonight in Oakland.

First Quarter

11:48- Refs maybe trying to keep the physicality down with the quick whistle

10:49- If Draymond is hitting, watch out. That includes if he is hitting shots or groins

9:53- James not happy, but refs trying to keep it tight

9:24- Marlin’s man sighting sitting courtside. Zaza Pachulia sighting on the offensive glass causing Kevin Love to pick up his second foul

8:42- Good defensive energy for the Cavs and some sloppy turnovers for the Warriors results in some easy baskets for Cleveland

7:23- Good play by James taking the charge, but close to his second foul. Call could have gone either way

6:24- LeBron looked good during shootaround, and he has come out making his first two jump shots.

5:38- Both teams with foul trouble early as Love and Thompson each have two

5:03- Durant has two now as well

3:14- Kyrie controlling the ball for the last few possessions, but comes out of the game now

2:22- Richard Jefferson turning back the clock with the putback above the rim

2:09- The announcers like the game called a little closer like it is tonight

1:20- Announcers do not like the foul to stop the fast break. I agree with them

1:20- James heads to the bench for his first rest of the game. Cavs up two. For now

0.0- Good job for the Cavs reserves and Irving as they keep the Cavs ahead at the end of the first

Fouls a little bit of a problem for each team, and free throw shooting will play big as this game moves along. Look for Durant, Thompson and Love to reenter the game, and try to avoid their third foul.

Second Quarter

10:03-LeBron with the transition dunk gets contact to the head. Similar to the flagrant on Durant in game four, but no call for James.

8:55- Lid on the basket for both teams as points a little hard to come by

7:58- Some over dribbling for Irving leads to transition for the Warriors. Timeout Cavs

7:00- Announcer’s jinx as Love misses two free throws

6:48- Some clock issues slow the game down as the refs go to replay

5:33- Cavs struggling to score as the Warriors begin to pull away

4:40- In the blink of an eye the Warriors up double digits

3:08- Some face-to-face action has the players and fans fired up. West gets the technical. And ends up kissing Thompson. How cute

2:55- James with a big three to try to get the Cavs close before half-time

1:10- Warriors getting good shots at the rim as the Cavs struggled to get back on defense. Up big as the second quarter winds down

0.0- J.R. Smith keeps the Cavs within striking distance with a few threes at the end of the half. Warriors up 11

Third Quarter

9:54- Thompson with some early threes extends the lead to 12

8:46- Announcers ask where the burst will come from for the Cavs. J.R. Smith is the answer if you ask me

7:48- Good effort by James gets the Cavs to within 8. He needs to help out on the glass if he is one of Cleveland’s bigs on the floor

5:45- LeBron misses a three then Durant is fouled in transition. Cavs trying to cut into the lead

5:21- Tristan Thompson with some aggressive moves to the rim. Needs to make his free throws. Obviously.

4:34- Hard to double team off of Durant. He will take it to the rim every time

3:58- Big bucket as LeBron goes to the line to try and cut it to five

3:14- Game was down to four but Durant says not so fast. A big three has the Warriors up seven again

1:48- Bad foul by J.R. sends Curry to the line

0.0- Warriors getting support off their bench. Cavs getting support from J.R. Smith. Will it be enough?

Fourth Quarter

11:30-James will try to take the quarter over

10:00- Good contest on Durant, he is just unguardable

9:00- As James comes out, Irving isolation begins. Let’s see if it can stay close

8:50- Big foul sends to TV timeout and will likely get LeBron back into the game

8:30- Kyle Korver sighting

6:41- Cavs need to tighten up defensively to cut the lead

5:32- Everything LeBron does, Durant has a louder answer

4:03- A few quick buckets out of the timeout has the Warriors looking to clinch

3:29- Cavs clinging to life down 12 as the Warriors call timeout

2:59- J.R. says it’s not over yet

1:31- The fans in Oracle think it’s almost time

0.40- LeBron scores 1 on 5. Seems like a metaphor

0.0- And that’ll do it. The Warriors are the champions

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