UCF Kicker Was Told By NCAA To Shut Down His YouTube Channel

When Donald De La Haye isn’t booting field goals for the University of Central Florida‘s football team, he loves to post videos to his YouTube channel. De La Haye’s videos are pretty popular, as his channel Deestroying currently boasts over 54 thousand subscribers. But unfortunately for De La Haye, it’s because people like his videos that the NCAA is dropping their hypocritical iron fist on him.
De La Haye has advertisements that run on his videos, which does not make the NCAA happy. They feel that he’s using his likeness as a student athlete to make money, so they are putting him between a rock and a hard place. De La Haye can either stop collecting dough from his YouTube channel or quit playing college football. It’s an extremely difficult and unfair decision for De La Haye to have to make, and he talked about his predicament in his latest video.


Just another reminder that the NCAA is the absolute worst. The relationship they have with student athletes is so one-sided that it’s unreal. The kids put in all of the work, and yet they somehow receive none of the financial benefits. The NCAA’s greed and corruption knows no bounds, so I’m hoping that De La Haye can find a way to stick it to those slimy bastards.

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