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Indoor Football Player Catches Touchdown, Celebrates By Pooping The Football


Sport My Life/YouTube

On Sunday, Cedar Rapids Titans wide receiver Damond Powell celebrated a touchdown catch in bizarre fashion. Watch the former Iowa Hawkeye taunt the Arizona Rattlers by taking a bowel movement with the football in the end zone.

Unfortunately, Powell was penalized for his mock pooping celebration. Lighten up, IFL. God forbid somebody has a little fun after a touchdown with a healthy fake dump. If anything, they should be embracing Powell’s antics. The Indoor Football League could’ve used Powell to lock up a lucrative sponsorship deal with Metamucil. I can already see the advertisements now. “Don’t let constipation cause you to miss a minute of high-octane IFL action!”

This post wouldn’t be complete without a trip down butt-related touchdown celebration lane. Here’s Randy Moss mooning the Lambeau Field crowd. What a disgusting act!

And here’s Doug Baldwin foreshadowing the Seahawks’ late game play calling against the Patriots.

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