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Turns Out Adam West Was A Total Savage, Slept With 8 Women A Night


Over the weekend, legendary actor Adam West died in Los Angeles at the age of 88. West, of course, was most famous for the comedic version of Batman from the 1960s.

Just a mere few hours after West’s passing, details of his life as a young man began to emerge, and to the surprise of no one (especially me), turns out Batman was a total savage.

According to the Daily Mail, West reportedly lived an absolutely bonkers life, sometimes sleeping with up to eight women in one night.

And not only was West slaying the nightlife, but he was getting the job done on set, too, as he and Burt Ward, his co-star who played Robin, would reportedly have ‘quickies’ with women in between scenes and while in his costume. West was even quoted as saying ‘because of the physical limitations of the costume, you gotta have quickies.’

via Daily Mail:

West reportedly became a regular at orgies. Once, he and his friend and co-star Frank Gorshin – who played the villain, Riddler, in the Batman movies at the time – were banned from an orgy because they were mimicking the characters they played on television.

West said: ‘We walked in and it was an orgy. So I immediately went into the Batman character, and Frank went into the Riddler character because we were getting the big giggles.

‘It was so funny to us, what we walked into. And we were kicked out. We were expelled from the orgy.’

So yeah, of course, the handsome actor who help popularize one of the most savage pop culture characters of all time was also a savage in real life. It’s kind of obvious when you think about it.

RIP Batman.

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