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Hazmat Team Called To Clean Up Sh*tty Situation At Disneyland


A magical time at Disneyland turns to sh*t when poop falls from the sky, striking 17 park-goers just before 9 P.M. on Friday. Without warning fecal matter fell down like rain on 11 adults and six children.

Authorities were told that human feces were flung at these customers. But when the hazmat team came to investigate, it was determined that no foul play was involved in this sh*tty situation. The poop didn’t come from any human. That sh*t came right from stanky geese booty as they flew over Disneyland. Those geese drop more bombs than your favorite rapper/politician.

People freaked out so much about the dooky that the Anaheim Police Department got involved. The poop is now in the hands of the police (not literally tho)…

Thankfully, no one was injured in the sh*t-storm.

Some peeps got hit with sh*t, police arrived on the scene and determined that no foul play was involved. The geese didn’t mean. They’re just geese and gotta sh*t…

Darren Wyatt, an Anaheim Police Department spokesman, said that it was “clearly goosepoop” that was culprit.

A hazmat team was sent off to Main Street near the Sleeping Beauty Castle to investigate and clean up the sticky situation. Meanwhile, the visitors/goose-poop-victims were led into to a private restroom, where they could clean-up. The Disneyland customers who were sh*t on by geese received clean clothes to wear.

But it’s only a matter of time before those devious geese strike again!

Hopefully, next time they’ll bring an umbrella. Seriously tho…

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