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A Car Plows Through Multiple Pedestrians In Amsterdam


Amsterdam Incident: Full Story & Must-See Details, Car Hit Pedesterians


Police say that a car ran through pedestrians at Amsterdam central train station on Saturday. He struck multiple people with his vehicle and then drove into a wall. A total of eight people have been injured in the incident, and the suspect has been arrested.

Two of the injured were transported to a nearby hospital for treatment. While six were treated on the spot.

The driver was parked in a spot where he wasn’t allowed to stop. When police approached the suspect, he drove off, injured five pedestrians and hit a wall. The suspect’s vehicle has been searched and he has been questioned for a motive.

Police believe this incident to not be an intentional act of violence. They’re currently under the belief that the entire incident was an accident. But they will continue to investigate nevertheless.

Amsterdam police later tweeted that they “Talked to the suspect. Doesn’t appear to be intentional, rather getting sick. Obviously we continue the investigation to exclude other options.”

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