Survey: What’s In Your Bedroom?

Bedrooms are inherently intimate. I mean, think about it: you can really only do two things in a bed and one of them ain’t sleeping. But what about everything else in a bedroom that isn’t, you know, a bed? All that extra stuff says a lot about the person who lives in that room. Seriously, it doesn’t matter what walk of life you come from and or what your job is: your bedroom is like a snapshot of who you are.

On the walls there might be Star Wars posters or a nice painting, a Van Gogh copy perhaps? The closet could be bursting at the seams with clothes, an indiscernible pile of clean or dirty. Or it could be a pristine army-regulation clean with not so much as a collar out of order. There might be a work desk or a TV mounted on the wall. I wonder what kind of DVDs are lying around…

Whatever your room looks like, it represents you to a certain degree. That’s why we’re interested in finding out. We want to know your dirty (or clean) little secrets. So help us out and head over to Ask Men for a quick littler survey. We all here at COED took it and were so shook by our own self-realizations that we didn’t make eye contact for awhile after…Please don’t show up to my house with a UV light.

Take the survey at AskMen.

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