Jon Jones Just Released Maybe The Most Savage T-Shirt Of All Time

Self-awareness is a tricky thing.

One side of me says that Jon Jones, notorious cocaine addict, selling a Coca-Cola themed shirt is a stroke of genius, as he attempts to appeal to people like you and me.

The other side of me finds this disgusting. Jones’ cocaine addiction, among other things, is what has derailed his once-promising career, and has assuredly affected the lives of countless others along the way.

Earlier this week, an ‘Enjoy Jonny Bones’ shirt, an exact replica of the iconic Coca-Cola logo, appeared on Jones’ website. For those who aren’t familiar:

It’s a bold move for Jones, who became the UFC‘s youngest-ever light heavyweight champion back in 2011. However, despite all the accolades and accomplishments, Jones is better known for his out-of-ring antics than he is for his in-ring heroics.

Now, if Jones had proven himself to be truly over his dark past, maybe this self-depreciation would be a little easier to swallow, but given the last time we saw Jones, we was being suspended by the UFC for a banned substance, this just comes across as plain ignorant.

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