Is A New Jay-Z Album On The Way?

After ambiguous Tidal ads started popping up all over New York City displaying the number 4:44, fans began to wonder if this was a tease for an upcoming Jay-Z project.
Earlier in the week, these mysterious tan banners displaying the time 4:44 began appearing all over New York City:
Given that Jay-Z hasn’t released a new album since 2013’s ‘Magna Carter Holy Grail’, fans are itching for any new music from Jay-Z they can get. Well, according to the mega-Jay fans of the world, a new album may be on the way.
As several fans have pointed out on Twitter, the source code for Complex’s version of the banner reveals multiple apparent references to Jay-Z’s streaming music company, The URL for the image contains the text “tidal-444.”
via SPIN:

Complex also contains references to whatever company is behind the ads, in a similar placement to the “Tidal” in the 4:44 code. The code for a Miller High Life banner, for instance, reads “MHL EL Equity Champagne.”
This week, an outdoor advertising campaign has launched in at least one New York City subway station, with posters displaying the same “4:44″ image. We called Outfront Media, the company that handles advertising for the MTA, to inquire about the client behind the ads, but did not immediately receive a response. Given the visual similarity between the subway ads and the online banners, however, it’s reasonable to assume that Tidal is behind these as well.

The next Jay-Z album will be the 12th solo album of his career and his first since 2013.

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