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South Shore Line Train Derails: Full Story & Must-See Details



A South Shore Line train headed to Chicago derailed in the city’s Loop Tuesday afternoon. It is unknown at this time if there are any injuries. Service is currently suspended.

What Happened?

Around 2:00 P.M., westbound train N0. 18 derailed as it approached Millennium Station, located at the corner of Randolph St. and Michigan Ave., according to a commuter alert from Metra.

The train was scheduled to arrive at 2:14 P.M. after departing the South Bend Airport station in northwest Indiana at 12:49 P.M.

It is unknown at this time if there have been any injuries.

“South Shore trains are unable to enter or exit the station,” South Shore said on its website. “Passengers are encouraged to find alternative transportation for their eastbound trip. Metra is honoring South Shore tickets.”

Trains on the South Shore Line was temporarily halted, according to Metra, with the delay expected to last at least an hour.

Metra planned to honor previously purchased South Shore tickets until further notice on the Electric District line, which was experiencing delays of approximately 15 to 20 minutes, according to the transit agency.

No other details were immediately available.

South Shore Line

The South Shore Line (reporting mark NICD) is an electrically powered interurban commuter rail line operated by the Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District (NICTD) between Millennium Station in downtown Chicago and the South Bend International Airport in South Bend, Indiana. The name refers to both the physical line and the service operated over that route. The line was built in 1901–08 by predecessors of the Chicago South Shore and South Bend Railroad, which continues to operate freight service. Passenger operation was assumed by the NICTD in 1989.

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