Panthers Teammates Mock Cam Newton’s Birthday Party Video With Hilarious Remake

Cam Newton turned 28-years-old on May 11, and to celebrate the occasion, he threw an extravagant birthday bash. He posted a video of the festivities to his Instagram, which was obviously soundtracked by 2 Chainz‘ “Birthday Song.”

It looked like a good time, so the Carolina Panthers that weren’t invited were probably a little upset. But instead of pouting about it, a group of Newton’s teammates got revenge by mocking his birthday getaway with a shot-by-shot remake while on a camping trip. Revenge is a dish best served by trolling.

That was terrific. I’m not sure exactly how much time went into making that video, but it had to have taken a lot of effort. Maybe even the equivalent of how long Cam takes to decide on what goofy shit he’s going to wear to a press conference.

The video was posted by Panthers center Ryan Kalil, and it appeared to be mostly offensive linemen on the camping trip. Aaron Rodgers is out here givingĀ badass ATVs to his offensive linemen, while Cam can’t even go through the trouble of sending a goddamn Evite. SMH.

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