Antonio Geraldo Rodriguez: Full Story & Must-See Details On Laredo Police Shootout

Laredo police were on the search all throughout Friday for murder suspect Antonio Geraldo Rodriguez. But when officers spot Rodriguez’s vehicle, the suspect allegedly opened fire on police. When the spoke cleared, the suspect was dead and three officers were injured.
Detective Joe Baeza, the Laredo police spokesman, said that there was a manhunt for Rodriguez. He was the prime suspect in the fatal shooting of his 50-year-old girlfriend Reyna Gonzalez Zamora. She was shot in her apartment and police were on the lookout for her boyfriend.

What happened next?

At about 5 P.M. on Friday, Laredo police spotted a vehicle that matched the description of Rodriguez’s car outside a convenience store.
But as officers approached the vehicle, the suspect opened fire. Police responded with their guns, resulting in a shootout between the cops and the suspect. Responding officers, who arrived as backup, opened fire as well.
Rodriguez was severely injured from the shootout and died shortly after inĀ  a Laredo hospital. Three officers have been hospitalized as well. One officer was airlifted 150 miles to the University Hospital in San Antonio, where he remains in critical but stable condition. The other two officers are staying at Laredo Medical Center, where their injuries are serious, but they have been stabilized.

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