Kathy Griffin Cries During Press Conference From Controversial Photo Backlash

Comedian Kathy Griffin held a press conference today in response to the backlash she has received for her controversial photo. In the picture, Griffin holds a fake, severed Donald Trump head that’s covered in blood.
You can check out a clip of Griffin’s press conference in the video below.
Jesus Christ, gimme a break. I’m no Trump fan either, but what did Griffin think was going to happen? The whole point of Griffin taking that photo was to stir the pot, and now that she got everybody all worked up, she wants to cry about it. Griffin knew damn well the kind of reaction she was going to get from her photo, as that was a calculated move from a fringe celebrity starving for relevancy.
I love how somebody asked Griffin if she thought this was going to affect her career. What career!?!? The fact that she’s painfully unfunny already did more damage to her career than that photo ever will.

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