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Miss COED of the Day: Tatum Cabot from University of Memphis


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Tatum is the perfect example of a student who chose to stay close to home for college, but still managed to find a lot of new friends. Originally from the Memphis area, she decided in the end to stick around and is now having the time of her life. She seems extremely involved in a lot of community service work (like Memphis Joy Prom and Tim Tebow’s Night To Shine) but also in her sorority: ΑΓΔ.

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Check out some of Tatums’s question and answers from her Miss COED profile here:

I major in…

Occupational Therapy! I wanted to pursue this because I have a love for helping people. I currently work for a family who has a daughter that is 25 and has cerebral palsy. I feed, dress her, turn her book pages, put her makeup on, and everything in between. OT gives people like her and people without disabilities a chance at having their life back, and I would be honored to do that for someone.

My hometown is awesome because…

it loves me. I live in a city with a lot of unique people. You turn the corner at every street and there is someone you have never met. The music on Beale, the night life, the service people give, the hope, Elvis, Gibson’s, believing in a football team no matter the score, and everything in between. Memphis is where I want to have a family, where I could spend the rest of my life.

 To see more of Tatum, including her interests and photos, you should check out her profile page below:
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