Even Mr. Met Has Given Up, Is Now Giving Fans The Middle Finger

This may be one of the worst New York Mets seasons in recent memory.
Not because they’re a terrible team, because they’re not, they’re just injured.
Not because they’ve collapsed, because, well, it’s still too early to collapse.
And no, it’s not because your boy right here put a decent amount of money on the Mets winning the World Series.
No, this is the worst Mets season in recent memory because this year, 2017, was supposed to be OUR year. Our five (or maybe event six) man rotation was ready to rock, with Syndergaard, deGrom, Harvey, Matz, Wheeler, and Lugo/Gsellman were all healthy coming into the season. Yo had resigned, and Jay Bruce was looking like a new man. This was a team that had swept the defending champion Chicago Cubs in the NLCS just two short years ago, and it was looking like it was time for the Mets to get over hump.
But then Cespedes hurt his quad, Noah tore his lat, Harvey is washed up, Matz and Lugo are on the DL, and Gsellman just stinks. deGrom has been his usual, reliable self, Jay Bruce has been a steady force, Wheeler looks like a solid starer, and Michael Conforto looks like a soon-to-be-superstar, but even that isn’t enough to carry the Mets to 500.
And now, over 50 games in, not only are Mets fans geting antsy, but so is their mascot. I mean, just look at the guy, flipping birds left and right to innocent fans.

Here’s to hoping Yo, Noah, Matz, & Lugo get healthy, Harvey gets his shit together, and maybe the Mets can turn the season around. But if they don’t, I’d have someone keep an eye on Mr. Met. I’ve never trusted him to begin with, and my dude looks about ready to blow.

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