22-Year-Old San Jose University Student Lies About Being Kidnapped And Beaten

A 22-year-old San Jose University student claimed to police that she was kidnapped at knifepoint, beaten and forced to drive hundreds of miles away over the weekend. Now it appears as if the tall tale was nothing but a fabrication.

What Happened?

The woman had told Oregon police that she was preparing to graduate from San Jose University on Saturday morning when she was kidnapped from her California 500 miles away by a suspect armed with a knife. After police began investigating the incident, the woman reversed course and told officers on Tuesday that she made the whole thing up.
When she was found by authorities in Oregon over the weekend, she told them she had been beaten and kidnapped at knifepoint in San Jose hours earlier. She claimed that her abductor forced her into the car and made her drive across the border into Oregon. She told investigators that she escaped when her car ran out of gas and she hid in nearby tall grass for several hours until it grew dark.
A passerby at Highway 101 and Proper Junction Road in Bandon – roughly 500 miles from where she claimed to have been abducted – found her.
She told authorities her kidnapper was a male in his 30s with no facial hair and that he was wearing a black hoodie, black baseball hat and black winter gloves.
Police discovered her abandoned car nearby.

Her family had alerted authorities after they arrived at her San Jose graduation on Saturday and she failed to meet them.

Police are not yet clear on why the woman lied but said no suspects were wanted in connection with the investigation.

San Jose University

San José State University is a comprehensive public university located in San Jose, California, United States. The school was established in 1857 and currently served more than 31,000 total students.
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