Florida Woman Arrested For Murdering Gay Man Who She Claimed 'Masturbated' At Her

Jadian Sinead Zeiders, a 26-year-old Florida woman, has been charged with murder as police say she helped to beat a man to death after claiming he masturbated at her.
Zeiders, 26, is facing a charge of second-degree murder over the death of 53-year-old social worker William Denham Jr.
Back in January, Zeiders allegedly told police that Denham, who was openly gay, broke into her Tampa back yard on January 14 and masturbated at her through the window. Officers say Zeiders claimed she hid in her laundry room until two men living at the same address arrived home. Zeiders then pointed Denham out to the two men, who followed him down the street.
According to the police report, an argument followed and Zeiders said Denham eventually lashed out, causing the men to attack in self-defense. However, multiple witnesses at the scene told officers they saw a woman and two men attack Denham as he was walking along the street.
via Tampa Bay Times:

The police report shows investigators turned their attention to Zeiders on Jan. 17, three days after police found Denham lying unconscious around 10 p.m. on a sidewalk near the corner of North 15th and East Elm streets.
Denham, who lived on East Crenshaw Street, died at St. Joseph’s Hospital. An autopsy found he died of blunt trauma to the face and body.
A witness at the scene told investigators he saw two men and a woman beating Denham in the street and kicking him after he fell down. The witness told investigators that one of the men said something about the man being a “pedophile.”
Three days later, police received an anonymous tip that Zeiders and two men beat Denham to death. The Times is not naming the men because they have not been formally linked to the case. Tampa police spokesman Steve Hegarty said only that detectives have identified two suspects in addition to Zeiders.

Maureen Tourigian, one of Denham’ sisters, said of Willian: “He never would have attacked anyone. Anyone who knows him knows that, and that he never would expose himself to a woman. He wasn’t interested.”
Zeiders has previously been charged with heroin possession and failure to appear in court on a driving infraction charge. Furthermore, police say they have identified two suspects in addition to Zeiders, but are still ‘sifting through conflicting information’.

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