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Google’s Map Of Each States Most Misspelled Word Is Interesting To Say The Least


Does it matter what word is each state’s most misspelled? Not at all. But is it hilarious to see that dumbass Mississippi doesn’t know how to spell ‘nanny’. And what’s up with North Carolina not knowing how to spell ‘angel’? Isn’t that Chrisitan country? You think they’d be all over that one.

Rhode Island not knowing how to spell ‘liar’ confirms everything I thought I knew about Rhode Island — that’s its filled with just a do-gooding suburbians. Interestingly enough, Alabama, consistently one of the dumbest states in the union, actually has a problem with a legitimately hard word to spell: pneumonia.

But where did this information come from? Google compiled data from its search trends to reveal the top words with a number of surprising appearances.

The release of the data comes with the 90th annual Scripps National Spelling Bee at National Harbor in Maryland, where nearly 300 students are competing for a trophy and $40,000 cash prize.

In honor of the spelling bee, Google looked into its own database to see how good Americans are at spelling.

And as it turns out, not so great.

COED’s Top 10 Favorite Misspelled Words

  1. Mississippi – Nanny
  2. California – Beautiful (have they never seen Bruce Almighty?)
  3. Arizona – Tomorrow
  4. New Jersey – Twelve
  5. Rhode Island – Liar
  6. Hawaii – People
  7. Georgia – Gray
  8. New Hampshire – Europe
  9. New Mexico – Banana
  10. Oregon – Sense
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