WATCH: Is This The Most Ridiculous Flop In Sports History? (Yes, Yes It Is)

Flopping is an unfortunate part of sports seen everywhere from the NBA (even I, the most ardent LeBron James supporter, can admit that he’s a wee bit of a whiner) to the MLB and even the NFL. But nowhere, I repeat, nowhere is flopping more prevalent than in soccer. It’s one of the main reasons why Americans will never truly embrace the sport.
In soccer, flops are so outrageously obvious that it really takes some of the enjoyment out of the game. Who would want to watch a paid athlete roll around on the grab for 7 minutes at a time? Over the years, I’ve seen some pretty egregious attempts at flopping, but nothing anywhere close to this. It’s so bad, you’ll want to find your nearest elementary school soccer game, run onto the field and stab the ball.
Hungarian soccer player Danko Lazovic gave his best Leonardo DiCaprio impression in the below video in an unjustifiable attempt to draw the refs to his cause.

Now I’m not a violent person by any means, but this flop is so bad I almost wish Lazovic had seriously injured himself. At least then we’d never have to see this s— from him again. His club, Videoton, should release him immediately and file a lawsuit to recoup any salary Lazovic has been paid. That’s how seriously ridiculous this whole thing is.
Ugh, someone cue up some NFL highlights please.


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