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Does The United States Deliver Mail On Memorial Day?


Memorial Day is here so it might be helpful to give a little refresher on one basic principle of this federal holiday.

Does The United States Deliver Mail On Memorial Day?

This is a very good question in case you have an urgent letter to send because you’ve been living in the 1950s and there’s no e-mail to be found. Here’s the answer: No, the United States Postal Service will not be delivering mail on Memorial Day (Monday, May 29). In addition, all post offices and federal offices will be closed (though federal workers are still paid for the day).

UPS and FedEx will also have suspended services, though they will resume normal business activity the day after (Tuesday, May 30). Amazon shipping is also delayed for the holiday.

For future reference, here are all the holidays in which the United States Postal Service will be closed:

UPS Express Critical does provide a handful of urgent transportation options for small/lightweight deliveries and heavier shipments. Per UPS:

Our experienced team can quickly assess a critical situation, identify transportation alternatives and implement a delivery solution that meets your time and cost requirements.

Happy Memorial Day!

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