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Indy 500 Memes: Funny Photos, Best Jokes & Images


The Indy 500 is a day dedicated to racing beautiful cars at top speed, round and round across the track. Professional racers from across the globe participate in this special event. They’re all looking for that number one spot much like Ludacris imitating Austin Powers from way back in the day:

I seriously don’t know how things got this way. How did I manage to link Ludacris to the Indy 500? Millennial magic, that’s why.

Okay, let’s get back to talking about car racing. Better yet, let’s talk about one of the greatest things invented during the computer age. You know what I’m talking about. It’s memes. Beyoncé will never tell you that memes run the world. But I will. It’s the truth. Just take a look at the gallery and watch memes collide with the Indy 500.

And oh yeah, there was a literal two-car collision at the race earlier today. Scott Dixon’s car went flying. If you want to watch the video, follow the link to see some crazy carnage, but don’t forget about dem memes!

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