Asiana Airlines Forces Disabled Man To Take A New Seat

Tim Seward, 31, was flying from Beijing, China, to Seoul, South Korea, with Asiana Airlines when a cabin crew member approached him and said, “I cannot prove if your leg is functional.” The crew member told Seward that he would have to move seats unless he could “run and jump to prove his prosthetic leg was able to support him.”

What Happened?

Seward, an industrial engineer who had his limb amputated at the age of 11 because of cancer, had paid an additional fee for an exist row seat which requires passengers to be physically able to open the emergency door in the event of a crash landing.
Though Tim does have a prosthetic┬áleg, he told Daily Mail that he is “more capable than most people physically” and even enjoyed a brief professional skating career in his 20s.

After boarding, he had asked the steward: “So the company told you to move a disabled person because in this seat according to your policy you do not allow a disabled person to sit in this seat because I wear a prosthetic leg?”

After the staff member ordered him to move he asked to speak to the cabin manager. Check out the video of the dispute.

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According to Tim, the crew member returned with three security guards who escorted him to another seat.
“It caught me off-guard completely,” he told Daily Mail.
“Even with everything that’s happening on flights these days I couldn’t believe what happened and that I am the one having to deal with it.”
Asiana Airlines did not return MailOnline’s request for a comment.

Asiana Airlines

Asiana Airlines Inc. is one of South Korea’s two major airlines, along with Korean Air. Asiana has its headquarters in Asiana Town building in Seoul. It commenced operations in December 1988 and has a fleet of 82 aircrafts.

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