There Is Nothing More Terrifying Than A Bitchy, Entitled, Crazy, Middle-Aged Racist White Lady

You know, a lot of what I write for COED is written in jest. It’s kind of my style, I guess. The internet is absolute madness and you need to treat it as such. For example, last week I wrote a story about a probably sweet kid who proposed to his sweet girlfriend at the Baylor University graduation ceremony, yet I titled it “Baylor Student Proposes To Girlfriend During Graduation, Selfishly Makes Long Ceremony Even Longer.” I took what should have been a simple college puff piece and turned it into a rant about the sweaty, drunk college kids just wanting to get their diploma and get the hell out of there. My point is this — my article titles are rarely to be taken seriously.
However, this time, I am serious, because I mean it — there really is no sight more frightening than these type of women. The white trash, cigarette smoking, gum chewing, Trump voting, NRA loving, racist, entitled, white women are some of our countries most heinous creatures. These are the type of women that will scream rape in a public place if you ask her for directions. These are the type of women who will spend an hour arguing with the manager of a store over the finest print of a coupon.
These are the type of women who will do shit like this– such as abuse and berate an innocent man just trying to lend a helping hand.
via Youtube:

This is in Manassas, Virginia. A young Latino shopper overhears a white woman say that she’s looking for a store that has what she needs, but that she can’t find it there. He politely suggests to her that she try the store in Fairfax.

Luckily, this is going to go super viral, and if she has a job (which I doubt) she’ll get fired from it. Assuming she has a couple of normal, non-racist friends, she’ll probably lose those too.
The irony of all this, is that SHE is the type of person that we should be putting behind a wall.

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