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WATCH: Crazed Sea Lion Pull Girl Into The Water, And We Might Have Just Found The Reincarnation Of Harambe


Sea lions look like cute dogs of the sea, but don’t get too close! A family in Richmond, British Columbia found out why the hard way this weekend. They were so busy admiring the beauty of this creature that they seemed to forget that they were dealing with a wild animal.

At the 1:24 mark in the video, the sea lion reaches out of the water towards the little girl. The girl and her family laugh it off. They find this sea lion to be super cute and they’re ultra comfortable around this unpredictable critter.

The girl decides to sit down on the wooden railing of the dock. And then at the 1:39 mark the sea lion yanks that girl into the water by her backside. Adults yell in panic as the small child is pulled down into the deep.

This could be any parent’s worst nightmare in action. You think you’re having a fun day out with your daughter, and then a seemingly harmless sea lion tries to drown her. But oh, the animal was probably just playing. The incident occurred at Steveston Fisherman’s Wharf in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada over the weekend.

But luckily for the girl and her family, an unsung hero jumped into the water to rescue the frightened child.

Did the man get a thank you? Nope. But he didn’t need anyone to thank him. Some heroes don’t wear capes and most don’t need to be thanked.

And by the way, I may have spoiled this thought in the title, but I think we may have just found the reincarnation of the beloved Harambe. That beautiful gorilla may have been reincarnated into an attractive, yet dangerous sea lion. Hearts out for Harambe. Forget my silliness, just watch the damn video!

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