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WATCH: Donald Trump Bust A Move With The Saudi Arabian Sword Dancers


Looking for Donald Trump to bust a move on the dance floor? Well, this is the closest that you’re gonna get. Earlier today, The Donald was welcomed with a sword dance at the Saudi Palace.

At about the 30 second mark, President Trump grabs a sword and starts shuffling along, trying to mimic the dance the best way he could. All the while, we hear a ritualistic chant from the rest of the sword dancers. Trump has a yuge grin on his face, let me tell ya.

Trump and his wife Melania arrived in Saudi Arabia early today, and yep, he did receive a freakin’ gold medal for King Salman. The Donald was welcomed to the kingdom with a hero’s welcome, as he received a horse and police-escort and bag-pipes played upon his arrival at the Saudi Palace to meet the king.

That’s enough talking from me. See the video of The Donald putting his Dance Dance Revolution skills to the test:

By the way, Donald Trump is “sword dancing.” There’s so many different directions I can go with this one. And oh, I almost forgot to mention that Trump signed a $110 billion dollar arms deal with Saudi Arabia. That’s some yuge news, folks!

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