Jaclyn McLaren: Full Story & Must-See Details Of Ontario Teacher Sex Scandal

An Ontario middle school teacher is accused of having sex with several boys, all between the ages of 13 and 18. She was sentenced earlier today to two years behind bars, as she admitted to sending nude photos as well as engaging in sexual acts with these students. She claims that the reason why she engaged in these illicit sexual acts was because these students blackmailed her.
Jaclyn McLaren use to teach grades 6 through 8, but now she’ll spend the next two years in prison. She told the court that everything took a turn for the worst once a male student discovered nude photos of her while using her phone during class. After he discovered these nude photos, McLaren claims that he began blackmailing and concocted a scheme, which resulted in the teacher sleeping with several more students.
In accordance with Canadian law, none of the underage boys’ names have been released to the public.
McLaren alleges that when she asked the student to return the phone back to her, the student told her to send him nude pictures and then he’ll won’t tell anyone what he saw.
She admitted to sending nude photos to the 13-year-old student in 2014.
Another boy also said he received nude photos of the teacher in 2014, off of Snapchat. At the time, the boy was 14 years old. The teacher claims that she sent those photos the following year instead.
The former middle school teacher admits to meeting both boys at a local trail, where she would drink beer with them. She would then take the boys to her car, where she would “fondled and kiss them.” She also admitted to performing oral sex on both boys.
The third boy says that McLaren started sending him nude photos when he was only 15-years-old. She then waited until he turned 18 for them to engage in sexual intercourse.
The fourth student showed police officers a screenshot of McLaren’s breasts. The teacher’s face is also visible in the photo.
The fifth boy was not a student of McLaren, unlike the other four boys previously mentioned. He recalls that McLaren sent him nude pictures when he was 16-years-old. He says that she didn’t know his age, but she didn’t seem to be too concerned.
The sixth boy received a video of the teacher fondling her breasts. He was a student of McLaren. He was 15-years-old when she sent him that video.
The seventh victim of McLaren is a 17-year-old boy. He also received nude photographs from the teacher, as well as video of her performing a sexual act. McLaren claims to not have known his age. However, she also says that she didn’t take “the necessary steps to find out.”
Jalyn McLaren originally faced 42 separate charges, but the court reduced those charges. In the end, she was convicted on two counts of sexual exploitation, two counts of luring, one of possession of child pornography, one of making explicit material available to people under 18 and one of making it available to people under 16.
Once McLaren is released from jail, she must register as a sex offender. She also been ordered to undergo “sexual treatment.”

“We are aware that sentencing took place today for Jaclyn McLaren,’ said Mandy Savery-Whiteway, director of education for the Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board.”We recognize that this has been a challenging and difficult situation for everyone involved. Employee matters are confidential. No further details will be released at this time.'”


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