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Before The Celtics Battle The Cavs In Game 3, Let’s Look At All The Hilarious Memes From Game 2


King James’ team came in like a wrecking ball on the Celtics Friday night, demolishing this Boston team by 44 points in game 2 of the Eastern Conference finals. The Celtics suffered such a devastating defeat that the internet just couldn’t help itself and the meme machine went into overdrive.

The end score of Friday’s game was 130 to 86 in favor of the Cleveland Cavaliers. On Wednesday, the Cavs bested the Celtics once again, but not by such a wide margin. On that night, the Celtics fell by 13 points, a number often associated with bed luck. And then, two nights later, this most unlucky team from Boston became utterly decimated at the hands and squeaky feet of LeBron James and his team of Cavaliers. On Friday, James was able to score 30 points, seven assists, four rebounds, four steals, and three blocks.

The Cavs squashed the Celtics in their own backyard. Now, we’ll be in the Cavaliers’ home turf for the third game in the series. Do the Celtics have what it takes to turn around bad luck?

Tonight at 8:30 P.M. on TNT, the Cavs and Celtics will battle again. Hopefully, the team from Boston won’t epically fail again. They can’t do any worse than Friday’s game, can they?

But enough about the sport of basketball, let’s get right to those memes fresh from the Twitter-baked oven:

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