Salem State University Twitter Hacked, Wildly Racist Posts Published & Deleted

Someone apparently hacked Salem State University’s Twitter page and littered the account with numerous controversial and racist comments. This Massachusetts college is currently investigating the matter, and they have already apologized for the incident, despite saying that these posts were written by an unknown hacker.
Campus police said that this university’s Twitter account was hacked on Friday. These Tweets conveyed disparaging remarks against immigrants, the Black Lives Matter movement, and racist language directed at former President Barrack Obama. However, the account did speak positively about current US President Donald J. Trump.
Every last controversial Tweet was deleted early Saturday morning. But a screenshot was recovered. Here’s a look at just how racist and offensive this hacker/troll really is…
Well, just how offensive was this hacker? “Trump has done nothing but great things for our country during his presidency and will fix all the wrong that (N-word) president did,” one tweet said. Yikes!
Another tweet attacked immigrant communities. The hacker wrote, “Our education revolves around white working americans, we don’t need you immigrant thieves in our school we are better than this.”
Then the hacker went on the attack against the BLM movement. This guy is relentlessly racist. “All that black lives matter sh*t is unneeded and unnecessary in our community.”

Officials at Salem State University erased those posts as fast as they could. By Midnight, all those messages were deleted from their Twitter page, but unfortunately the internet still has them. The school sent out a statement condemning the hack and apologizing for the messages published on their Twitter account.
“We are appalled by the hateful nature of these tweets, which in no way represent the views of Salem State University. We have notified our social media followers of this compromise and are working with IT to implement additional security safeguards,” the school said in a Saturday statement. “It is incredibly unfortunate that such a hateful incident occurred on the eve of our commencement, and we hope to move forward as a community and not let it detract attention from the incredible accomplishments of more than 1,400 students graduating today.”
The school’s commencement is set for today. But right before that special day, one racist hacker/troll had to share some bullsh*t.

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