Duke Athletics Offers Full-Time Job, Does Not Offer Salary

Who needs money to survive or support a family? Life can just as easily be sustained by hopes and dreams, right? That’s what Duke University‘s athletic department seems to believe.
The school has listed the position of “Athletic Facilities, Game Operations and Championship Assistant” as a full-time employment opportunity spanning 11 months with a preference towards applicants with four-year degrees. The job description includes overseeing athletics facilities, assisting with planning events and other operations and providing “strategies that will improve the overall performance of the department.” For all of your hard work and production, Duke University will pay you zero dollars.
The position’s listed salary reads “Open,” but the description lets applicants know (in all caps) “THIS POSITION IS UNPAID.” That sure is helpful, thanks.
In lieu of currency or any unit of value that would enable a human being to successfully live in the real world, Duke promises applicants “a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the daily operations of a Division I athletic department.” Oh, good, I’ll just pay my rent and health insurance with hands-on experience. Excuse me, U.S. Government, do you take resume builders as legal tender?
Now also seems line an excellent time to remind everyone that Duke’s athletics budget tops out at more than $91 million. Mike Krzyewski earns an annual salary of $5.5 million and we gotta believe the players are making a few grand under-the-table. But no, Duke, please continue graciously offering full-time positions with absolutely zero compensation. That totally makes sense.


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