WATCH: Vladimir Putin Play An Extra Creepy Tune On The Piano

Vladimir Putin visited Beijing to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping, and while waiting for the prez, he played a tune on a grand piano. Putin came across as both suave and eerie at the some time.
His song carried a sad, serious presence. I detect a great melancholy in the way Putin plays the keyboard. Is the way the Russian President plays the piano a reflection upon his own self, character and image?

Perhaps, Putin’s tune is a reflection on the sad divisions within our world, that we must divide each other into camps and then go over to that camp’s capital and play the piano there. I wonder if John Lennon would have imagined the outcome of the early 21st century.
My grandfather on my dad’s side was a pianist, regularly performing for much more well-off folks in New York City’s Marriott Hotel. I’ve never heard him play the piano, but I’ve heard Vlad’s play something sad.  It reminded me of a grandfather I’ve never met. That’s why I’m commemorating this occasion with some Putin memes in the gallery just for my loyal readers.

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