Another Florida Teacher Caught With Her High School Student

Virginia Houston Hinckley, a 28-year-old teacher at St. Augustine High School in Florida, has been charged with having sex with a 16-year-old student in her English class. She has been on paid leave since 2015 when she was reportedly pregnant with her first child.

What Happened?

The two reportedly became “flirty” with one another days after the start of a new term. The student and his friends talked about how pretty she was and how he “tickled” her.
Hinckley allegedly gave him her phone number which led to them texting each other and exchanging nude selfies which included pictures of her breasts and “other body parts,” he said. The student told investigators that they began kissing and touching when he would go to her classroom after school. Hinckley then suggested the two go to a secluded park where they kissed in her car and had oral and unprotected sex on the back seat, he said.
She later texted him: “You better keep your mouth shut about this.”
DNA tests were conducted on the car after she claimed that she had never had sex with him at Treaty Park.
Hinckley said she had a “bubbly” personality which students sometimes “misconstrued” as flirtatious. Her arrest papers from November 2015 said she was “engaging in sexual relations” with a total of three schoolboys.

Virginia Houston Hinckley

Hinckley was an English teacher at St. Augustine High School who has been on paid leave since 2015. She taught ninth-grade English and ninth- and tenth-grade intensive reading. She has been charged with only one count of unlawful sexual activity with a minor and pleaded no contest when she appeared in court Monday May 8. She will be sentenced at the end of the month.

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