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Pepsi’s Coming Out With A Cinnamon-Flavored Soda That Precisely No One Asked For


Brian Sozzi’s Twitter

What’s the best way to bounce back from a devastating marketing campaign? Cinnamon, of course! So long, Kendall Jenner. Hello, Pepsi Fire.

It seems that Pepsi is trying to get in on Fireball Whisky’s popularity by creating a new cinnamon-flavored soda. This is without a doubt great news for those who want to be sober and vomit.

From May 22 through July 16, Pepsi Fire will be available nationwide. You’ll also be able to purchase this gross ass beverage in Slurpee form at 7-Elevens because nothing beats the heat on a hot summer’s day like a nice dose of cinnamon.

Did a goddamn spy from Coca-Cola infiltrate Pepsi recently? That might be the only plausible explanation behind these asinine decisions. I wouldn’t drink a Pepsi Fire if I was stranded in the middle of the Sahara. And I know for a fact that Pepsi Fire will be a huge swing and a miss in the rapidly expanding tiger soft drink market.

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