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LISTEN: Billy McFarland Tells Fyre Media Employees That They Won’t Be Getting Paid


The Fyre Festival saga continues, as Fyre Media founder Billy McFarland told his employees that they won’t be receiving paychecks for two weeks of work. Vice acquired audio of a recent conference call where McFarland drops this bombshell on his unsuspecting employees, and the roughly nine minute conversation is about as cringeworthy as it gets.

Basically, McFarland tells them that they won’t be getting paid, but he’s also not firing them. This means that if his employees choose to leave Fyre Media, they won’t be eligible for unemployment benefits. So, they can either keep working at Fyre Media for free, hoping that the tide will turn and they will start getting paid again. Or, they can leave that trainwreck of a company with no financial parachute. Obviously, both of these options royally suck.

Listen to the conference call below, which unfortunately, doesn’t feature much Ja Rule due to a bad phone connection.

What a goddamn crook. McFarland is as two-faced as they come, and after listening to that weasel dick over his employees, it now makes perfect sense that the Fyre Festival was the concert disaster of the century. F*ck that guy.

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