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Chinese Lady Tries To Kill Herself, Heroic Bystander Says ‘Not Today, Satan!’


If you’re going to kill yourself, at least wait until the end of the day, you know? Everyone’s miserable in the morning, but your day can only go up from there. If you get home from work or school or whatever and you’re still feeling suicidal, that’s one thing. But the A.M. offing of one’s self? A little rash if you ask me. I’ve had hangovers bad enough that have made me want to kill myself, but you need to endure. Then two, three hours later, you’re back to normal.

More life.

The YouTube description:

Surveillance camera at a high-speed railway station in Putian, south China’s Fujian province, captured a woman running to the edge of the platform, about to throw herself on to a coming bullet train on May 10, 2017. The video shows a man, who is later revealed a railway station worker instead of a passenger, promptly jumped to her rescue and pulled her away from being hit by the train. The female passenger is reportedly a college student and was trying to commit a suicide. The railway staff is reported suffering from injury on his head.

Not today, Satan!

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